Jan 19, 2015

You are a creator

We are all Creators.


We Create our Self, life, happiness, relationships, career, wealth and work performance results.


The true list of what we Create is endless.


‎I love the distinction of Creator and Victim.


The Lightmaker and The Ultimate Coach call this The Owner and The Victim.


In my Sky Walker and The Bridge of Choice model (within my door opening True Results Programme) my clients sometimes refer to this choice distinction as The Creator and The Destroyer.


When we deeply feel it, we observe that we are all actually Creating.


"I've no plans. No goals. No purpose. And no passion." says The Victim. 


They are like a lump of cork bobbing in the ocean, letting events take then where they take then like a ball ‎in a pin ball machine being played by a blind, deaf and dumb kid called Tommy. 


"I create nothing" they apathetically share.


How are you?


"I'm not good today", replies The Victim.


How is your life these days?


"Life sucks, everyone knows that. Come on even you know that life's a piece of shit. ...When you look at it."


Are you happy?


"Happy clappy crap. Happiness is winning the Lottery".


How are the people in your life?


"Don't get me started on other people! Look at the world. It's a mess. I blame the Government. The rich. My neighbour. My Brother-in-Law. ‎It's all their fault. You just can't trust people these days," shared their inner Judge Prosecutor.


What are you Doing at the moment?


"I'm in between jobs".




‎How can we not be when we all have thoughts, feelings and the capability to take action.


Create a Magical year my friends.


Make It Magnificent.