Jan 30, 2017

The Path of Belief

Picture a grass covered lawn. Imagine walking across the grass to take a short cut to the other side.


What happens to the grass?


Now imagine that you walk back and forth along the same stretch of grass for days, weeks, months, years.


What is created?


The first walk across the grass flattens the grass. Imagine this as a metaphor for a thought.


When walked upon, time and time again, the flattened grass eventually becomes a solid mud path. Imagine this as a metaphor for a belief.


This is how a simple throw away thought can turn into a deeply held belief.


A belief is truth for the person who believes the original thought.


Does this mean a belief is the real truth?


No, not necessarily. Have you ever had a belief about someone, some place or something that turned out to be untrue?


If we all had the same thoughts and beliefs, we might be wanting to; date the same person, drive the same car, hold the same job and vote for the same politician.


Beliefs shape our own world view.


Beliefs shape our world. Literally!


Whether real or illusory, our thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, expectations, perceptions and opinions create our own version of what we perceive as real truth.


Awareness is the key that sets us free.


When we observe our thoughts and beliefs with calm focused Awareness we begin to detach from the drama in our life and see more clearly. We realise that we are not our thoughts. We are actually the Awareness that notices our thoughts. By connecting with our Knowing feeling within, we are able to question our thoughts and beliefs, and see that some are illusions. When our Awareness recognises illusion as illusion it simply fades away.


It is a healthy practice to Be Aware. To reflect and question our beliefs. Particularly the beliefs we hold about ourselves.

Bringing focused Awareness to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and really questioning their truth, helps to set ourselves free to truly Be.


Free to Be who?


To Be You.

To Be True.

To Believe...

...In You.


Tim Downes